Our Brews

Core Brews

These brews are available year round and can be purchased at all of our retail partner locations.

 Can Label Description
 Wrecking Brew IPA

Wrecking Brew IPA

7% ABV

We’ve perfected this recipe after combining traditional and modern techniques to deliver an Ale to be reckoned with! Legendary flavor will have you chanting “WRECKING BREW! WRECKING BREW!”

Tropical, floral, and very aromatic. The malt profile balances this traditional IPA perfectly!

S.E.C. Pale Ale

S.E.C. Pale Ale

5.6% ABV

Light, crisp, and refreshing! Whether floating the rIves or tailgating the big game, this is a beer you can drink all year.

Brewed with Summit, El Dorado, and Citra Hops (S.E.C.). Citrus notes with sweetness on the backend.

Pass It Back Pilsner

Pass It Back Pilsner

5.4% ABV

This ain't some can of tap water from St Louis. Our fightin' Texas pilsner is so smooth it'll make you shout "WHOOP!" Make sure to pass it back while enjoying this crushable pilsner.

Light malt and aromatic hops balanced perfectly in this smooth, crushable Pilsner.


Seasonal Brews

These brews are seasonal releases that rotate throughout the year.

Can Label Description
March In Marzen (Oktoberfest)

March In Marzen

5.8% ABV

Our first seasonal release, and just in time for Oktoberfest. This Marzen is crafted on the traditional Bavarian style that has become so loved here in Texas. Is there a better beer to BTHO ‘Bama with?

Bready and toasted maltiness makes this complex lager an easy drinker on game day…or any day, really.


Special Release Brews

We release these brews for special occasions and generally in a limited quantity.

Can Label Description
22 can label

’22 Maroon Ale

5.5% ABV

Brewed in honor of the class of 2022, this “Maroon ale” welcomes a new generation into the world, but serves as a reminder to return one day with honor, pride, and maybe some Old Main beers.

Light and smooth, this ale is balanced by fruity hops and a sweet maltiness.

Saw ‘Em Off Stout Label

Saw ‘Em Off Stout

8% ABV

Special release for Aggieland Outfitters. If t-Sip tears had a taste, they’d probably taste like this brew.

Perfectly crafted for anyone not living in 2005, this rich stout is perfectly balanced with toasty notes of cacao and coffee. Best paired with smoked beef.

 “Gold” Texas Golden Ale

“Gold” Texas Golden Ale

4.5% ABV

Brewed with excellence to celebrate any momentous occasion, this Texas Golden Ale goes down smooth—whether in a pint or a pitcher!

Very smooth, yet crisp. This is a well-balanced ale that has a wonderful malt profile, giving the brew some sweetness like a lager.